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Blutech Consulting Hosts UBL Datathon ‘21 

Blutech Consulting had the pleasure of hosting the biggest data competition in Pakistan on the 7th of June, 2022, at Habib University Karachi. UBL Datathon ‘21 was the first of its kind competition aimed at bridging the gap between academia and the best talent from the financial services industry.

It was delightful to see the fresh talent of Pakistan come up with ground-breaking ideas to solve real-world problems through data. This event offered a gateway to the more critical conversations about Big Data, its associated challenges and why data has now become a valuable organizational asset.

The highlight of the event was the Award Ceremony where the awards were given to:

  • Best Fintech – 5 Hazar
  • 1st Position University Category – PIAIC
  • 2nd Position University Category – Think Data Tech
  • 3rd Position University Category – Codanians

As Blutech Consulting is the pioneer of solving problems through an informed, data-driven approach, it was an honor to host this initiative and be UBL’s trusted data partner in its own journey towards becoming the most innovative bank of Pakistan.

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