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Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we live, work, and do business. It has the potential to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges, from healthcare to climate change. However, the success of any AI initiative depends on one crucial factor: the quality of the data it is trained on.

Why does data matter in the success of any AI initiative? Let’s explore the reasons in detail.

Data collection is critical.

Before building a machine learning model, it’s essential to ensure that the data you’re using is of high quality, relevant, and representative of the problem you’re trying to solve. This may involve collecting new data, cleaning existing data, and transforming it into a format that can be used by the model.

“Poor data quality is a primary reason why 60% of organizations fail to progress beyond the pilot phase of AI projects. “


Data quality determines the accuracy of AI models.

A machine learning model can only make predictions based on the patterns it finds in the data it is trained on. So, you can consider this a classic example of the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ principal. If the data is noisy, incomplete, or biased, the model’s predictions will be unreliable at best, and potentially harmful at worst. For instance, if a chatbot is trained using low-quality data, it may provide inaccurate responses to customers, leading to dissatisfaction and lost business opportunities.

Relevant data is essential for solving specific problems.

AI initiatives are often focused on solving specific problems, such as predicting customer churn, identifying fraudulent transactions, or recommending products to customers. To train an AI model that can solve these problems, relevant data is essential. For instance, to predict customer churn accurately, an AI model needs access to data such as customer demographics, purchase history, and customer interactions with the company. Without access to relevant data, the AI model may not be able to provide accurate predictions.

Data diversity improves the robustness of AI models.

Diversity in data is essential to improve the robustness of AI models. If an AI model is trained using data from a single source or a narrow demographic, it may not be able to provide accurate predictions when faced with new data from different sources or demographics. For instance, if an AI model for facial recognition is trained using data only from a particular ethnicity, it may not be able to recognize faces from other ethnicities accurately.

Data security is critical for protecting sensitive information.

AI initiatives often require access to sensitive information, such as personal data or financial information. It is essential to ensure that this data is secure and protected from unauthorized access or misuse. For instance, if an AI model for credit scoring is trained using data that is not secure, it may be vulnerable to hacking, leading to a breach of customer data.

Continuous data monitoring improves AI models over time.

Even after an AI model is deployed, it’s important to monitor its performance and adjust it as needed. This includes keeping an eye on the quality of the data it’s receiving and making changes to the model or the data collection process if necessary. Continuous monitoring involves tracking the performance of AI models and updating those regularly using new data. For instance, if an AI model for product recommendations is not updated regularly with new data, it may provide outdated recommendations to customers, leading to a decline in sales.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, data is a critical factor in the success of any AI initiative. The collection process, quality, relevance, diversity, and security of data used to train AI models determine their accuracy, robustness, fairness, and social impact. Therefore, it is essential to invest in data quality and management to ensure that AI initiatives are successful and beneficial for all stakeholders.

At Blutech Consulting, our team of experienced data scientists and consultants can help refine the quality and collection process of data to ensure that it is fully prepared to train any AI model upon. We provide comprehensive data management services, including data cleaning, data integration, and data enrichment, to ensure that the data is accurate, relevant, diverse, and secure.

Our data analytics experts can also provide insights into the data, identify patterns and trends, and develop customized AI models that meet your specific business needs. With Blutech Consulting’s support, you can be confident that your AI initiatives will be successful and deliver tangible business results.

As companies across the globe continue to transform their work processes digitally, cloud migration has emerged as a critical component of this transformation.
Centrify and CensusWide found that 43% of businesses polled in 2020 didn’t plan to make a complete cloud migration until after March of that year. Due to COVID-19, 48% are already optimizing their cloud migration strategies, and 36% aim to digitize more operations with cloud technology.
This blog will highlight the importance of cloud migration, the benefits it brings to your business, and the stages involved.

What Cloud Migration Means for Your Business?

There are several apparent benefits to utilizing the cloud, whether you move your server burden totally to the cloud or use a hybrid model that splits it between the cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Companies can achieve a strategic balance between traditional on-premises servers and cloud servers, so you must ask yourself a few questions about your configuration before making a decision.

  1. Examine your current back-end infrastructure
  2. Plan your back-end virtualization strategy
  3. Determine your budget
  4. Who should you recruit or include in your team to assist?
  5. What level of scalability does it need?
  6. What kind of security environment are you looking for?

Key Takeaway

Today, it makes perfect sense for businesses to abandon their traditional legacy systems in favor of modern technologies. Cloud adoption is a natural progression in this direction. It is one of those rare items with just benefits and no apparent drawbacks.
When you migrate to the Cloud, you embark on a path to enhanced performance, lower expenses, and drastically reduced risks. Consider Cloud migration if achieving these objectives and preserving business continuity are essential.

Migrate Your Data with Us!

Blutech Consulting offers a comprehensive set of data migration services, ranging from cloud migration strategy to implementation, assisting clients in transforming their existing applications and achieving “future-ready” business outcomes. Connect with us today and learn more.

Blutech Consulting had the pleasure of hosting the biggest data competition in Pakistan on the 7th of June, 2022, at Habib University Karachi. UBL Datathon ‘21 was the first of its kind competition aimed at bridging the gap between academia and the best talent from the financial services industry.

It was delightful to see the fresh talent of Pakistan come up with ground-breaking ideas to solve real-world problems through data. This event offered a gateway to the more critical conversations about Big Data, its associated challenges and why data has now become a valuable organizational asset.

The highlight of the event was the Award Ceremony where the awards were given to:

  • Best Fintech – 5 Hazar
  • 1st Position University Category – PIAIC
  • 2nd Position University Category – Think Data Tech
  • 3rd Position University Category – Codanians

As Blutech Consulting is the pioneer of solving problems through an informed, data-driven approach, it was an honor to host this initiative and be UBL’s trusted data partner in its own journey towards becoming the most innovative bank of Pakistan.

Leading the FIS sector in Pakistan with top-tier banks, like HBL, UBL, Bank Alfalah, and Allied Bank, Blutech Consulting has been at the forefront of driving innovation-led change.

Keeping up with this vision, Blutech Consulting has now won a new project with Allied Bank that will be focused around ABL’s data migration from CDH (Cloudera Distributed Hadoop) to CDP (Cloudera Data Platform).

It has only been a year since Blutech Consulting became Allied Bank’s trusted data delivery partner and it is impressive to see its rapid growth in this account. The new project will help Allied Bank modernize its current data architecture with the setting up of a DR site which includes provision of hardware from BTC.

Furthermore, as part of the resource augmentation contract, the team of BTC experts at ABL will grow by 80% – leading to the deployment of more talent on all data projects of the data-driven bank. 

Blutech Consulting is proud to be Allied Bank’s extended data delivery arm and is steadily moving forward with its mission of reshaping Pakistan’s data landscape with decision intelligence.

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